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Heavy Gauge Hammered Circle Wrapped with Tourmaline Necklace USA Handcrafted

Heavy Gauge Hammered Circle Wrapped with Tourmaline Necklace USA Handcrafted

Heavy Gauge Hammered Circle Wrapped with Tourmaline Necklace USA Handcrafted    Heavy Gauge Hammered Circle Wrapped with Tourmaline Necklace USA Handcrafted
Heavy gauge hammered circle wrapped with tourmaline, about 18", pendant about 2" wide. Available in either 14K gold-filled or sterling silver. All jewelry is entirely handmade in our studio in New York.

Every piece is truly handcrafted by the artist and team. While we strive to make all the jewelry the same each time, and to look the same as what you see on our site, sometimes due to the nature of the stones and what we have in stock shading of color, size, shape, faceting, inclusions, etc. , and due to the fact that each piece is made by hand, this isn't always possible.

Please understand that sometimes we may have to substitute a stone or use something slightly different. All gold wire, components, ear wires, hoops, chain, etc. Are made of 14k gold-filled. Unlike gold plating or vermeil (gold plated silver), gold-filled is a thick layer of 14k gold pressure-bonded over a small core of base metal (usually brass), is permanent, and WILL NOT wear off or tarnish...

We guarantee it for the life of the jewelry! You can have all the beauty and wearability of 14k gold without the huge cost. Gold filled is a much higher quality product than gold plated or vermeil jewelry. Most people with metal allergies who feel they must wear 14k gold usually do not have any problems with the gold-filled. All silver wire, components, ear wires, hoops, chain, etc.

925 sterling silver and argentium silver (silver with germanium added to resist tarnishing). Unlike gold-filled, sterling silver will eventually tarnish.

Cleaning sterling is easy, but must be done frequently to keep it looking bright and fresh. Gemstones, Pearls, Stones, and Crystals. All gemstones, pearls, and crystals are carefully selected to assure that high quality stones are used. Gemstones and pearls are all natural, meaning that there are no fake imitations or cheap stones used. Crystals and cubic zirconia are always man-made, but they have the longevity, color-fastness, and brilliance of real gemstones, while at a fraction of the cost. Some stones are dyed, heated, or treated (stabilized) to enhance color, shine, or stability. CARE AND CLEANING OF YOUR JEWELRY. Gold - while gold-filled jewelry does not tarnish as does sterling silver, occasionally it can be cleaned/polished (the same way as regular 14k gold) using warm soapy water and an old toothbrush. A little ammonia added will help too. Or, you can use a commercial liquid gold cleaner. Hairspray and other chemicals can dirty the gold (not tarnishing it, but adding on a layer that will blacken), so if you find that your gold-filled jewelry starts looking like this, clean as mentioned above, and don't put on the jewelry until after you're done with everything else. Sterling silver needs to be cleaned often to keep it bright and shiny, as it will tarnish and become dull and dingy looking, eventually oxidizing and turning almost black (unless you want it to look blackened). Tarnishing is the natural process of a metal oxidizing, reacting with oxygen in the air and changing color (like iron rusting). This does not happen with gold as gold is an inert metal and does not react with oxygen. Keeping your sterling silver jewelry protected in a jewelry box or commercial jewelry bags infused with anti-tarnishing agents will help slow down the tarnishing. Every so often, when you notice your silver jewelry is no longer looking bright silvery white but dull and perhaps even grey, clean it with a commercial silver cleaner. Tarnex, a liquid silver cleaner, or a jewelry polishing cloth, is recommended. You can just dunk your jewelry in the liquid, swish it around for about 5-7 seconds and pull it out...

Any longer may damage stones!!! (Turquoise, coral, and other porous stones are not recommended to be placed in solution). Rinse with warm running water and dry with a paper towel NOT a cloth or terry cloth towel, as it may snag! , and your jewelry will look bright and shiny again.

Jewelry should be handled with care, as it is delicate. If it does snag on something, do not pull at the jewelry as it may stretch it out of shape.

Gently hold the jewelry and try loosening the snagged item instead. While not being worn, the jewelry should be carefully stored in separate quarters away from other jewelry, to keep it from getting tangled. Optimally it should be hung up on displays designed for hanging jewelry. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Fine Jewelry\Necklaces & Pendants".

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  1. variation: 14k Rose Gold-filled - 18\
  2. Material: Gemstone

Heavy Gauge Hammered Circle Wrapped with Tourmaline Necklace USA Handcrafted    Heavy Gauge Hammered Circle Wrapped with Tourmaline Necklace USA Handcrafted